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Well then you have arrived at my online portfolio. By accident or intentionally you are here now. So why not start by reading a bit about me?

Born down South and now living up North – I have over 10 years of experience in the web industry, working for several companies from London to the North West along the way.

Web design is not just my job, it’s a passion and I relish each individual brief as a brand new fresh challenge.

I have extensive knowledge of the Adobe’s Creative Suite range, designing both static and rich content sites  utilising Photoshop, Flash, InDesign and Illustrator. Whilst I primarily design for the front end, I have plenty of experience in HTML(5) web build drawing on my knowledge of CSS(3)/SASS,  jQuery and Bootstrap to ensure what I build is fully responsive and multi-device friendly. I use these skills to also design and build responsive email shots on a regular basis frequently sending out different types of split tests.

I am always looking to improve on such web languages such as Javascript, PHP scripting and MYSQL databases. I  have experience in CMS systems, primarily WordPress and  Umbraco. Not only do I have experience in the online world, I have also been involved in the design and creation of offline content including flyers, brochure and expo banners.

I never believe ‘my work is always done’. Once content is on the world wide web, I always try and see how it can be improved from a UX point of view using various methods such as Analytic investigation (including heatmap and SessionCam observations) and a/b Split Optimizely testing to fully understand customer behaviour.

What I can do

With nearly 10 years working in the Online world, Ive picked up many skills and experiences in several key areas and disciplines.


Web Design
Responsive Web Design
HTML Responsive Emails
Version Control


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Everyone has interesting facts they can either boast about or try and hide, in my case I must admit to both of these.


Wins on Super Mario Kart 


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Hours wasted on Facebook 


Denzel Washington films owned 

Stuff I have done

All my most recent work can be found below. If you have any questions about a particular project, then please navigate down to the contact form.


  • Technologies used: HTML, SASS/CSS, jQuery, RWD, Umbraco, Photoshop

Our company went through a major brand transformation and as a result required a new brochure site. Working closely with the Design Manager I took on all Front End Development duties.

This included page building, styling and functionality and also integrating with the Umbraco CMS system. I also tested the site on various devices to ensure it is fully responsive.

I was on hand for design support, creating image elements as well as iconography. This is a project that is always evolving, new ideas and designs are constantly on going.

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Foot Asylum Design Test

  • Technologies used: Photoshop, Illustrator

As part of an interview process, I was given assets from Foot Asylum to create primary and secondary promotional artwork to go on a homepage and email communication.

With very little turnaround time, I delivered what was required and despite not being successful on this particular occasion, received very positive feedback from Foot Asylum.


  • Technologies used: HTML, SASS/CSS, jQuery, RWD, Umbraco

My current role is front end designer/developer for a young, ambitious courier comparison company that urgently required an updated and fully responsive website. Working alongside the Design manager, I personally designed and coded a large section of this new website, specifically implementing the CMS system ‘Umbraco’ which powers several pages. All pages were designed in Photoshop and coded in the cms with SASS generated stylesheets and jQuery for any page functionality.

I also lent my support to the IT developers who created the key customer journey within a .Net environment, in this case Visual Studios. This primarily involved styling and some front end coding to get the look and feel on brand.

Since launch, I have regularly worked on every aspect of the site, carrying out improvements for better conversion and adding in new pages and sections when required.

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Shop Direct

  • Technologies used: Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign

During my 5 years at Shop Direct Group, I was able to work on and create various creative projects such as key pages on the Littlewoods brand site, promotional banners and key email campaigns. Before the brand split, I had experience in designing for other brands such as Very, K&Co and Woolworths.

Other such tasks included maintaining and updating the Littlewoods homepage and zone pages, often having to work under tight and sudden deadlines due to the nature of of the market and sales trends.

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  • Technologies used: HTML, SASS/CSS, jQuery, RWD, Umbraco

Whilst working at the MPD Group, an exciting and major in-house design UI desktop App project for ‘Electio’ required a lead generation site to support the soon to be released app. The primary aim of this site was to get as many leads as possible. The brand is very loud and bold, this is reflected in the website design. Powered entirely in Umbraco, pages were design in Photoshop and then coded and loaded into the content management system.

This is a constant on-going project seeing improvements and revisions to drive home maximum conversion. I have worked on numerous extra creative work to support this site, ranging from offline brochures, flyers and expo banners to email designs.

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  • Technologies used: HTML, CSS/SASS, jQuery, RWD, SiteCore

My time at AO.com was split into two roles. Initially joining as the Web Designer for client sites, I worked on both designing and coding giving support to the desktop team as well as working on AO’s client site. Such tasks included landingpage design, flash banner creation and coding brand and journey pages.

Common client related tasks would involve updating and maintaining sites. B&Q, House of Fraser, Boots and Screwfix were among many sites that AO maintained and their behalf.

The two major projects, were Icelands’ brand new white goods site and AO’s very own eBay store. These are looked out in more detail in this portfolio section.

I spent the last six months working in the Front End Dev team purely focusing on coding pages and campaigns. I was able to draw on my knowledge of HTML & CSS and also learn and develop jQuery when working on dynamic pages.

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Electio UI App

  • Technologies used: UI Design, Sass/CSS, jQuery, Visual Studios

The team is currently working on a new carrier management platform app, which needs UI design as well as front end development. I am collaborating with the back end dev team styling screens from a UI perspective to give the best possible user experience.

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Iceland Appliances

  • Technologies used: Photoshop, HTML, CSS/SASS, Visual Studios

My largest client project whilst working at AO.com was Iceland’s brand new appliances site. The aim was to use existing frameworks and style the site to match Iceland’s brand.

For any framework or back end support, I used Visual Studios 2012 and for any front end styling, I relied on my experience in HTML and SASS to achieve the creative look and feel.

It was pleasing outcome, as we only have a two week sprint to complete this project and I personally was responsible for the vast majority of the site’s front end look and feel.

Team work was key for success for this project, I worked closely with back end developers and gave them front end support for when they needed it to complete their section of the project.

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Boots Design Test

  • Technologies used: Photoshop, HTML, CSS

As part of an interview process, I was required to design and code a single landingpage for a well known retailer.

I was given a brief and was free to interpret it as I wished whilst at the same time keeping to existing brand guidelines.

Within a short turnaround, I was successful in creating and developing a page that met all the necessary criteria.

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AO eBay Store

  • Technologies used: Photoshop, HTML, CSS/SASS, jQuery, eBay Framework

Another key project I was heavily involved in during my time at AO.com was the creation of their first eBay store. This was exciting due to the fact AO had never fully explored the potential of trading on eBay.

I worked individually on creating mocks based on AO’s brand guidelines whilst also taking into account how it would look within eBay’s template system.

When the creative was signed off, I worked closely with the back dev team to make sure the front end was styled and coded correctly.

The end result was a success as we saw higher sales than expected. The store had created $1 million worth of sales within the first six months of trading.  We also received praise from eBay on the successful implementation of the store.

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Wasted Heroes

  • Technologies used: HTML, CSS, jQuery

An existing e-commerce fashion site required a small microsite to act a welcome section.

I was given graphical assets and built the pages accordingly. I was able to achieve things by utilizing my HTML, CSS and jQuery knowledge, specifically creating a ‘Look Book’ gallery which is touch screen friendly.

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Lacey Plumbing

  • Technologies used: Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Flash

A local plumbing company came to me and requested an online presence with a slick modern looking website.

I was able to use a combination of  Flash as well as some jQuery to create dynamic features to achieve the desired effect.

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Stellas Cake Design Studio

  • Technologies used: Photoshop, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP

This client requested an upgrade on her current site. A more classier look and feel was requested and also the built in feature of allowing them  to manage content themselves.

After designing the page mocks, I chose WordPress for the CMS system and created editable templates from my original designs. I was also able to dabble in a spot of PHP when editing  certain plug-ins that were required to help support certain functionality.

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North West Radio

  • Technologies used: Photoshop, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery

A Liverpool based radio communications company selling a vast range of products required a complete site redesign. Working closely with two other people, I took charge of the majority of the front end coding and designing.

For some of the dynamic aspects of the site, such as the slider and client log in system,  both jQuery and some PHP was utilized.

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JR Surveys

  • Technologies used: CSS, jQuery, Wordpress

This project was a partnership between myself and a freelance designer. I was given the assets and chosen WordPress theme and built the site accordingly.

The client was happy with the end result as it was a vast improvement on his previous site. By using WordPress, he is now able to maintain the site himself.

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Right Price Rentals

  • Technologies used: Photoshop, HTML, CSS/SASS, RWD

***Project still a work in progress***

Another separate project during my time at AO.com was a small microsite for an affiliate promoting the concept of appliance rentals. The idea was to allow customers on a budget to rent appliances and offer them the option to buy after the rental contract had come to an end.

Working closely with a copywriter we came up with an original brand identity and implemented it into a clean fresh design. One of the key rerquirements from this project was that it needed to be a responsive layout.

I was responsible for the entire front end appearance and code behind the pages.

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